To create and to manage a team of top sellers

The successful strategies used in the most competitive and performing international markets.

What can I do for you?

Help you in these three areas by providing you with “method and strategy” that i have learned over years of international experience in selling financial and insurance services, always in contact with successful sellers and managers.
All this allowed me to develop a very thorough knowledge of “how to sell” and “how to manage top sellers”.



The art of selling and the sales method to be used in any negotiation.


To create a sales force

Plan, develop and conclude the process of create a professional sales force.


To manage a sales force

Manage business resources, guiding them to the expected results and team growth.

Track of Success

Is a comprehensive method of training and professional consulting that allows you to intervene on all areas of the creation, management and development of commercial and direct sales networks.
It transfers and develops skills to manage your human resources and grow your organization effectively and in a timely fashion.


It is a specific module and it is of assistance to other Track of Success modules: in fact, whether it is a product, a service, an idea or a job position, it is always sold!


how to outline:
– the candidate’s characteristics
– the sources
– attraction techniques
– to choose the ideal candidate


– how to plan training
– know how to deliver quality training
– initial training, on going training, advanced training


– how to manage a resource and guide it to the expected results
– know the steps of the Management Cycle
– the management techniques
– Leadership and Motivation


– how to develop the best people towards the managerial role
– Manager’s Training Program


– how to fuel energy and competitiveness in the group
– recognition and conference plans: know how to create and know how to use

All phases of Track of Success can be developed individually, if you need to intervene on one or more selected areas. You can repeat it over time and make it become a managerial practice in your organization. You can combine Track of Success modules as you wish or ask us to create a specific one for your needs.

For who I work

Are you a business manager? Are you an entrepreneur?
Are you a professional?

In each of these situations you are definitely in touch with people:
people to manage, motivate, and drive to business results.
And in each of these situations, commercial communication, art and sales method, if used well, can be the “engine of success”.

and find out how i can help you.

Why Fabio

Specialized in creation, management and development of commercial networks, with extensive experience in the insurance world, where he served as Chief Marketing Officer in Italy with Prudential Insurance Company of America, beginning his career with direct selling.


He participates in many conferences around the world, speak and holds training courses on sales and commercial resources. First Italian to qualify for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table (USA) has obtained several international awards.


Very active in the field force training and management consulting, Gasai Trainer Certified (SAI Agents Group) and AIF (Italian Association of Trainers), he helps professionals and companies in sales management and business development.


I strongly believe in what I do! I have the deep conviction that with the right attitude we can develop all the capabilities to emerge in the business world.

If you want to know me better, these are my contact details:


Via Edison 3
20032 Cormano (MI) – ITALY